Getting Started

What does your user need to know to try your project?

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Information in this section helps your user try your project themselves.

  • What do your users need to do to start using your project? This could include downloading/installation instructions, including any prerequisites or system requirements.

  • Introductory “Hello World” example, if appropriate. More complex tutorials should live in the Tutorials section.

Consider using the headings below for your getting started page. You can delete any that are not applicable to your project.


Are there any system requirements for using your project? What languages are supported (if any)? Do users need to already have any software or tools installed?


Where can your user find your project code? How can they install it (binaries, installable package, build from source)? Are there multiple options/versions they can install and how should they choose the right one for them?


Is there any initial setup users need to do after installation to try your project?

Try it out!

Can your users test their installation, for example by running a command or deploying a Hello World example?

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